Why it is important to integrate CRM and ERP for your business

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Today many businesses are mainly focusing on integrating their ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. By doing so, they can streamline business processes efficiently and enhance productivity.

What is ERP

ERP software aims to simplify the critical components of business processes. The primary advantage of ERP is it automates and simplifies the particular activities across a business or organization, like accounting and procurement, project management, risk management, and supply chain operations.

What is CRM

The primary goal of CRM is to improve business relationships and gain loyal or potential customers. With the help of CRM technology, an organization can gather better insights, which would be more helpful when selling a product to them. Companies can manage a productive relationship with their customers and cross-sell their software and other solutions.

Integration of ERP & CRM

Business people are witnessing complexities in handling the data as an enormous amount of data to be managed daily. The most significant pain point of every business owner is that they could not handle the customer data effectively.

Customers are a crucial asset to any business, but how can you successfully deal with these challenges while building profitable customer relationships?

To overcome these issues, it becomes crucial to integrate ERP & CRM for any business.

Front-end information, such as logging customer interactions, sales tracking, pipeline management, prospecting, and creating marketing campaigns these will be dealt with CRM.

ERP handles critical backend processes, including purchase history, billing and shipping details, accounting information, financial data, and supply chain management details.

How ERP and CRM integration helps your business

The integrated ERP & CRM solution will share a single database; the updates in either system are visible quickly.

The Customers invoice can be processed faster, and any product returns can be automated between systems, providing your business with more unobstructed visibility in all levels of your business’ sales process.

Here are some of the ERP-CRM integration advantages available for any business:

Complete View of your Customer

When you integrate ERP and CRM, you can gain complete visibility of a customer. Either it’s sales, support, marketing, or just general customer data, your enterprise will have all the aggregate information to make more qualified decisions on maintaining and improving your business relationship with customers.

Improve Efficiency

Companies too often lose their productivity by spending time on manual, arduous integration tasks that destroy valuable employee resources—enhancing an integration platform with ERP and CRM connectors, which helps to manage these processes automate and to improve productivity.

Quicker Access to Pertinent Information

In many organizations, some vital information can be accessed faster. Professionals who identify with this type of work don’t have time to hunt down information—it needs to be precise at their fingertips at all times. ERP & CRM integration comes in, as both your ERP and CRM systems store different forms of valuable information. If all the data is stored in the same place, you won’t have to worry about searching for it.

Eliminate tedious data entry and duplication

Both ERP and CRM systems hold to account and contact information. It is done for different reasons – CRM is focused on support/sales and prospects, whereas ERP is focused on inventory, warehouse, shipping and billing address, etc.

The ERP and CRM integration eradicates the tiresome necessity of duplicating data entry by providing some uniform rules for each system. For instance, any changes made in the ERP database will reflect in the CRM system and vice versa. The same behavior applies to the addition or removal of custom fields, new entries, or changes in the database.

Why eSales

eSales help you to integrate CRM & ERP to power your enterprise. Also, eSales enables you to connect smoothly and combine with the applications that your business needs to evolve and serve your customers at the desired level.

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