Why eCommerce Retailers need to focus much on catalog management

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What is Catalog Management

Catalog management is a dynamic process where products are organized in a specific way to ensure consistent and high-quality data across all sales channels.

An online catalog provides product names, descriptions, hierarchy, price, and other related details. Those details need to be accurate in order for customers to be directed to the right product.

What Catalog Management in eCommerce?

Catalog management is deemed to be the backbone of any E-commerce store in this digital era. Product information is an integral part of providing an optimized online experience.

Catalog Management ensures the quality of your product, which is considered as a strategic process across all sales channels. Data accuracy can be managed either data created internally or externally.

Product Management Upgradation

Having an eCommerce product catalog system for your online business can do the wonders for your business. With rich, constant product information showcased through modern-day devices, it’s amazingly simple to convince your visitors and become loyal customers.

Challenges in eCommerce Catalog Management System

Updated Product Contents

Sometimes small retail businesses will manage the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) using excel sheets. But big retail merchants have to update their SKUs constantly because of price changes, newly available products, or other reasons. This process is time-consuming; if this has been eliminated, retailers can concentrate on other important tasks like marketing, operations, and customers.

Managing Product Data in Various Sites

Any retailer who has multiple accounts on various channels will have the biggest challenge in product listing simultaneously.

eSales had tailored a customized solution for listing your products across multiple places.

Expanding Your Product Catalog

E-commerce catalog management systems can assist you in managing a large number of SKUs. It is quite easier than other options available in the business. You can retrieve the product information from the supplier’s product list and use it to publish on different marketplaces as per their conditions. Fully attributed and accurate product information provides sellers to build a true experience, which in turn helps them in earning loyal customers.

How to Enhance Ecommerce catalog system

For the enhancement of user experience, the important thing for sellers is to manage their E-commerce product catalog efficiently. You must keep the catalog management system standardized in all aspects, which will take your business to the next level.

eSales ensures that the product content will always be updated and standardized through the catalog management system.

The product catalog needs to be bestowed in such a way that it allows customers to navigate and search the product as fast as possible, hence resulting in a sale.

To improve the e-commerce catalog management process, retailers must focus on data validation and quality assurance. This includes fixing the processes to identify duplicates, correct errors, standardize naming, titles, and categorization to make catalogs consistent.

eSales provides a comprehensive e-commerce catalog management tool for your products and enriches your catalog. eSales enhances your product attributes, which results in quick product listing across social platforms and faster time-to-market. With accurate data and organized inventory, you can sell your products across different platforms.

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