Why data entry automation is essential for any business

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Data entry is the most time-consuming part of jobs. Manual data entry processes can quickly harm your business. This automation software will enhance productivity in your business by automating entire workflows.

Today, this automated data entry is highly used in healthcare, pharmaceutical companies running clinical trials, the law industry, insurance companies, sales offices, and any other sector that stores and processes much data every day.

To combat these issues, eSales offers reliable automated data entry software that will be suitable for all business levels.

This automated data entry software replaces the traditional method of keying the data. It helps implement faster and more efficient data entry while eliminating the chances of errors in data entry, which is possible in the manual process.

eSales provides a comprehensive data entry automation software that simplifies the entire business process. Maintaining the data entry process will only chew up the productivity; it also comes up with higher error redundancy issues.

What is Automated Data Entry

Processing the data with the help of automated software is called data entry automation. This computerized data entry will handle and store the information accurately. It also enhances productivity in your business. Using the automation software, you don’t need to hire a separate workforce resource for data entry, which will be a waste of time and money.

The automated software will capture the information from all types of documents accurately. It will manage the entire data entry process.

Our automated data entry application is beneficial for all the latest content management solutions (CMS), databases, and other business applications.

Since this automated data entry software manages the entire data entry work, it will easily capture or recognize any type of form or document (structured, semi-structured or unstructured), or any kind of data, whether its machine print (OCR), handprint (ICR), barcode recognition, or checkboxes and bubbles (OMR).

The automated data entry can be done in three different ways, like when the paper is scanned or faxed into the computer, or the image is interpreted by the software, and lastly, when the data is automatically entered into the appropriate fields in a database.

Time Saving and Accuracy will be more with Automated Data Entry.

Normally, the manual data entry process will chew up your one-third of the time spent in the workplace.

eSales data entry software will simplify the entire data entry process through automation software. The data will get processed and stored in a minimal amount of time. You can seamlessly maintain any content.


When you automate the data entry work, you will gain the following benefits:

● Faster document processing

● More accurate business data

● More resources to allocate to other tasks

● More satisfied (and engaged) employees


The automated data entry software needs the following features for optimized efficiency.

● Identify multiple forms of data

● Integrate the software quickly with your ERP

● You can alert your team when the data needs to be reviewed manually

● Collect and sync your content in real-time

At eSales, we provide solutions that will take your business to the next level. You can use our automated data entry software on the go. You can also manage all your business information from Accounting and Finance to Customer Service and HR.

We can help you with the importance of digital transformation, and you can customize our data entry automation software as per your specific needs.

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