How Progressive Web Apps boost your sales in Ecommerce Application

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What does a Progressive Web Application mean for e-commerce?

PWA is a website built with all the conventional achievements in web development yet capable of functioning as an app.
Recent advancements of web browsers, cache, and push-interfaces enable users to add websites to the home screen, obtain pop-up messages, and even work without Internet access.
As mobile phones remain the primary source of traffic nowadays, particularly for e-stores, PWAs may be an excellent solution for merchants expecting more conversions.

eSales offers eCommerce as one of its main products where a PWA can bring immediate benefits, and the eCommerce Progressive Web App is set to take a new level of excitement for the users and enhance your business revenue to the next level.

The Major advantages of using PWA for your business

Quick Loading Time

Being progressive is the main principle of PWAs. With these technological advancements, eSales enable apps to load pages instantly. The users no need to worry about the data transmission as the storage capacity, and other prime features are greatly enhanced. The contents will get displayed progressively.

No Internet Connection needed – Offline Mode.

This is one of the most prime factors in PWA. The caching mechanism is reliable to manage offline requests. It allows businesses to provide the best levels of performance regardless of connectivity. It also means that lousy networks or data connections are less likely to affect the business brand as users will always have a visit to the website.

Get your message across with Push Notifications

eSales PWA allows your business to use web push notifications for individualized communications with website visitors. The notifications are the same as those seen with native app notifications and enable companies to engage with web audiences offering higher value.

Instant Payments

Many research shows how payment can be simplified to users, with the help of PWA technology, eSales streamline the payment process for the users.

The web payment functionality stores the payment details of the users instead of asking them to fill all the details; this will give a quick check out experience for the user. Businesses also get perks by offering a variety of payment options that operate on various devices and browsers.

High-conversion rates

When the user experience is excellent, the result of the conversion rate is more. If ups and downs are eliminated from an online store, it becomes comfortable for the customers to achieve their desired goals. When it is achieved, therefore, the business goal is also performed.

PWAs always deliver tremendous opportunities to give better experiences in every aspect.

What Problems do Progressive Web Apps solve for your business

Reduce Cost

PWA is a one-stop solution for all. When you build a separate app for iOS and Android, it is a costlier and time-consuming one. Generally, a business can encounter these kinds of issues.
PWAs means that you can get one app at an affordable price. Once it is built, a PWA has just one code base to be maintained.

Regain revenue and consumers

The Play Store and App Store have some set of rules that might extinguish the creativity of your business, and concurrently require a part of your revenue through earned revenue on app-based purchases. PWA provides you full freedom, and you won’t share your income with anyone. And then you will feel the concept of App Retention, the plague of the mobility world across all industries. By obtaining the full revenue benefit from purchases, you can send personalized push notifications informing customers about the new product offers, keeping users engaged. In turn, there will be an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

PWAs promise a lot in the coming future. Features like the ease of use, lightweight functionality, and less demand on resources deter users from seeking an alternative technology.

No solution guarantees a 100% success rate, nor would PWAs commit to doing so. However, with in-depth research of your users, traffic, and their referring sources, it will be easier for you to pin down what your PWA needs are, in current times and beyond. Hopefully, e-commerce business owners now understand the need for gearing up with future-ready concepts and their capability to handle rising demands as well.

eSales decided to launch a PWA based eCommerce product that combines the best of the web. As well as the best of the native app. eSales PWA offers a mobile web experience that loads fast, uses less data than before, and engages users in many ways.

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